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    So I need help!

    I have a successful adult website and recently started a twitter and facebook page. Here is where I need help:

    Facebook : The page finally has a decent few hundred followers, I post up good eye catching pics, with no nudity. But whats the deal? My page keeps getting deleted. I'm scared that it will happen again. What can I do to ensure my page stays up. I want to use services to send fans but I'm scared that will pull a red flag on the page. How can I get more fans a legit way, and not be worried about my page being deleted. I don't mind paying for a service, I just don't want to risk my account again.

    Twitter: I have only a 100 followers :( I don't feel comfortable giving my password and login to anyone. I have tried getting people to follow me the good old fashion way and am using tips I am finding online. Any way to get people to mention you that have tons of followers? What kinda of response have people seen on this? I am open to any suggestions.

    Thanks for all your help BHW!
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    I think you probably wan to start you facebook page out with no reference at all to your website. Grab followers, and perhaps have a URL linking to a site that is much more "G" rated as a landing page.

    It may be Facebook is crawling these links and blocking you out based on it.
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    idk the answer to the FB part of your question othen than that you can check the BST section for FB service providers

    twitter: if it doesn't matter that your followers won't be targeted then you can use the sites/tweepml lists from this thread to jumpstart your twitter account, read through the whole thread to find one more site/lists:
    if you use those sites you can add around 250 new followers to your account every day for free, or you can buy followers, check the BST section, if i'm not mistaken there are at least 3 provider there with approved sales thread ;)
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