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    Oct 3, 2014
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    my account is laylashae on chaturbate... 2 weeks ago i did a show and was on all night long and the next day for a few hours. 2 days after that i tried logging on and it wouldnt let me. i pressed forgot password even though i never changed it but never recieved an email back. ive sent about 6 emails within the 2 weeks to shirley and support... no reply. then i finally emailed off my home email and they respondex and i told them the whole atory and they replied with the link to reset my password... still didnt receive that email from cb to reset. i have done nothing wrong to get banned, i was doing very well. i am depending on this money and since the pay period already ended i really hope i get the money i made in my show... please help me out here someone. i have tried every single password i would have made it, and nothing worked. and also when i google my cb my bio still comes up so i dont think im banned. but i need help getting their attention coz im tired of being ignored and i dont want my followers to lose interest. ive really enjoyed camming for them i just feel aggravated right now.... :icon-cry:
    username: laylashae