Help needed regarding Meathead Method!!!!

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    Hello friends i hope you are all doing well in your niches.Well from last few days i m reading meathead method from first to last but after finishing the reading of whole method i have few questions and i hope you help me to solve my queries.
    1.As in the method says i have to acquire a domain and hosting to make this method run but i want to know that i have a domain but right now i dont want to buy a hosting so can i host my domain on blogspot hosting and when i earn some bucks i shift my domain to a private hosting.
    2.I dont know about others but when i open clickbank i dont find any product to be promotable i feel boring when i saw those pdfs and think why peoples buy them i know you are promoting and earning well but i dont like them but i like to promote physical products like health related as in teeth whitining niche and others i feel some thing very good as i can do very well in this niche so can i do this in this niche and is this method also work for this?
    so these are my questions i hope some body solve my query soon.......
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    1) blogpost is not reliable. it can be deleted anytime and if you move later, rankings will be lost so get a proper hosting

    2) digital products have a great market too so there are tons of buyers but if you are not comfortable, either make yourself comfortable or move on to something else. But make a decision once and for all before starting off itself or else you might quit too early.