Help needed... Grease monkey, xpath, firebug

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    From firbug xpath on the button is as follows:
    .//*[**at** id='ctl00_mainContentPlaceholder_Button3']
    and the script piece is:
         <input name="ctl00$mainContentPlaceholder$Button3" value="Back   To Auctions" onclick="closePopup(); return false;"   id="ctl00_mainContentPlaceholder_Button3" class="simplemodal-close"   style="width:160px;" type="submit"> 
    my GM script is as follows...if theres mistakes, pls hlp, im new on java an gm, and dont know how to debug it.
    // **at**include    *
    // **at**version        0.1
    // **at**description    Automatically click // ==/UserScript==
    click_popupBtn1 = function() {
        var joinBtn=document.evaluate('//*[**at**id, "ctl00_mainContentPlaceholder_Button3"]'
        if(!joinBtn) return false;;
        return true;
    click_popupBtn1 ();
    ***ok, here is the story...., im a newb in gm, and my last programming was 15 years ago on Tp. Ive discovered this auction site, which i want to automate with GM.
    At Mediafire dot com/?lwy7agybtfn2x there is 2 scr shots.first scr shot, basic overview of site, with bidding buttons.
    second overview, winnings popup
    what i need to do...
    i need some help first to get rid of the popup... if its there i cant bid. i used a similar script for the login page, and managed to get gm to auto login, cause the server needs you to log in every 3 hrs or so.see above mentioned scripts and xpath... ive tried, but my gm script piece doesnt click on it...
    then the project... i would like to do some of it myself, but i need some pointers...
    on the attached txt file, auction1.txt, ive copied some of fire bugs console files, which look like :
    * GET /REST_Service/REST_Auction.svc/GetAuctionData?_=1303059143094

    200 OK
    firebu...rver.js (line 169)
    {"d":[["","","y","ZAR","1","33713","8887, 8887, 8887, 8887, 8887",null,"1.26","8887","0:13:30","","12","","C","29",null],["","","y","ZAR","2","34029","",null,"0.76","NONE","0:10:37","","5","","L",null,null],["","","y","ZAR","3","30332","3616, 9390, 9841, 8664, 4901",null,"379.80","3616","0:01:09","","1100","","T",null,null],["","","y","ZAR","4","33987","3616, 9168, 0605, 9168, 8771",null,"1.26","3616","0:00:51","","12","","T",null,null],["","","y","ZAR","5","34030","",null,"0.76","NONE","0:12:28","","5","","L",null,null],["y","-00:00","y","ZAR","6","34028","1137, 1137, 1137, 1137",null,"2.64","1137","0:20:05","","12","","L","12","vkSaGLYmZD+vgphl90foiM+3QXDf0c7SRfpMnt9PSDw="],["","","y","ZAR","7","33938","3616, 3616",null,"5.60","3616","0:01:50","","55","","T",null,null],["","","y","ZAR","8","33729","3616, 6197, 3616, 6197, 9134",null,"3.34","3616","0:01:26","","29","","T",null,null],["","","y","ZAR","9","33867","1551, 7243",null,"1.73","1551","0:02:40","","10","","B",null,null],["","","y","ZAR","10","33293","1551, 7243, 7243, 7243, 7243",null,"3.43","1551","0:06:10","","10","","B",null,null],["","","y","ZAR","11","33174","7243, 4901, 3614, 0481, 0481",null,"3.71","7243","0:06:10","","10","","B",null,null]]}

    GET /REST_Service/REST_Auction.svc/GetAuctionData?_=1303059143094

    from there i can see all the info i need, and it is updated each second, so in order for me to tell the GM script to bid on which button, i need to get that information into the script to be processed... does anyone hav any ideas?
    i was thinking in the line of writing a small script for each of the 12 small auctions, each handling its own part, collecting its own info... i was thinkin those responses frm firebug can be usefull and more direct way of getting info, that to go and subtract them one by one from the windows, which is updated afterwards...
    Can someone please give me some hlp...