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Help Needed!!!!! Bulk Emailing

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by cwb528464, Dec 10, 2014.

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  1. cwb528464

    cwb528464 Newbie

    Jun 18, 2012
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    hi,there. i have looked around and digg some info on this market. i have read some threads, it is all about the bulk email send, and smtp service. and scraper the mail list. or the third party platform. So it there anyone can give us some advice who are new to this area. i do wanna waste more time and money over and over again. Any suggestion would be greatful. and here is what i have digg from BHW.
    "I've been using Atomic Email Studio.Contact with me for smtp setup on vps for 95% inboxing
    Interspire or atomic mail sender is one of the best tools.
    I will suggest you to use "Imailunlimited" as they are the best one in the market of Bulk emailing. You can purchase any of their plans. The most important part of the company is they only have Dedicated SMTPs. IPs and Domain. If you?re using dedicated platform you will never get blacklist or caught by the SPAM cops (that ends the emails in Spam folder).
    Check out Amazon SES and MailChimp. I have heard they are both good, but i haven't used them personally.
    use any tool support smtp and Amazon SES
    Atomic Email Studio
    if you want to do it for Cheap .... download mass email sender from BHW search + buy some Gmail PVA's , lets say 100, SO IT WILL BE 100 x 250 = 25k mail a day
    Well its not easy as is it made to look, like lock - load and shoot, you really need to get down to the server side, configure your VPS..set up DKIM,SPF,rDNS and atleast a dozen of other configuration parameters, test it, rotate IPs..when finally this part is sorted then you have to make sure that you spin your email content , throttle speed, watchout for spammy terms...this isnt a comprehensive guide there is lot more to this, sure if you have determination and want to do it bad you will be able to do it.... but again if you have scraped list , and have lots of spam traps then even having the best set up wont be able to help you.
    most people think just coz they have a VPS and an email sender they are email marketers, inbox marketers is what's important...feel free to PM me if you looking for help.

    maybe we need more solid info, and the truth. hope u can help us. thanks
  2. peter2017

    peter2017 Junior Member

    Jan 14, 2017
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    i also want to know .. but i think almost nobody wish share with it !!!! just only follow software seller!
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