Help me with dropshipping, want to get back to bussiness... !

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    Hello guys!

    I need some help and ideas regarding dropshipping from China.
    Heres the deal:
    I have a supplier who sells all kind of headphones(beats,bose etc..) in high quality from China. Not some cheap garbage knockoffs, but 1:1 items with retail box and papers, so the stuffs are decent, never had a refund!
    I used Ebay before, sold a lot of them, made good money, but unfortunatelly I got banned, and I gave up... I tried registering again, but due to strict Ebay and PayPal policies I got stuck and gave up again...

    I tried similiar sites to Ebay like Ecrater and Bonanza, but they are kinda empty, maybe you sell 1 thing a month.

    So I still have my supplier friend, and I want to get back in bussiness, and sell again.
    Please tell me some other ways how and where to sell them nowadays. I heard abaout Shopify, read a lot of articles, but most of them are failed at marketing, or high marketing costs.

    Thanks !