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    Hey Guys

    Here is a brief Introduction about Myself:

    1. I own an SEO company in India.
    2. I can rank sites in record times.
    3. I make decent money with adsense (have 25,000 UV a day on my web properties).
    4. I know "not much" about CPA and affiliation

    So purpose of me being here is that I am not much Good with CPA and affiliation and I want to try it now.

    My Proposal:

    If you are good with CPA you prove it to me and I will rank your sites for the targeted traffic so that you make more sales/leads/optins. I get 50% of the increased revenue as I rank the site.

    You teach me how to make money from CPA and I make you money as simple as that.

    Looking forward to working with some good people out here..