Help Improving site SEO what to do next?

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    Dear BHW masters,

    I am in need for your recommendations...

    I have a website, build on word press.
    The domain and site is from 2013, it was passive most of the time, i do post here and there.

    The site currently contains the following:
    3 online tools, one more will be added in the next week, or two (I code them in PHP).
    3 free windows tool to download, more will be added soon (I develop them in c++).
    50 posts, and more 10 are schedule to be publish over time.

    The site get only 1K view per month...
    I have AdSense on the site (about 1-10$ per month).
    According to Semrush it has only 116 backlinks.

    So what will be the right thing to do, to get more traffic and money from the site?

    Thing I thought about are:
    1. Building social pages (it has none).
    2. Improve the On-Page SEO to the posts.
    3. Improve the site content (change the text, add links to inner post, add links to other sites).
    4. Buy backlinks and press release, build web 2 etc.
    5. Add new content, some i write some i buy...

    I am using Counterize plugin, Google analytics, Google webmaster tools, Google Keyword planner, semrush and similarweb for site stats.

    Thanks for any help.