Help!Ideas for my high ranked site?


Dec 22, 2008
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Ok all this is my first post here so bear with me. I have a high ranked site in both google and yahoo for a number of keywords-

I have google ads and another advertising company running on there. I also have the same google ad account on 3 other sites. They do well I think but I would like them to do better.

I earned this ranking more or less by accident! I have had this site and the 3 others for over 10 years and knew nothing about SEO or anything else. I used 1 keyword in my URL (childrensrecipes) and another (cooking with kids) in my title keyword and it "happened".

My question is I have an online store where I make both actual and downloadable items - . I would like to know how to drive more traffic to my own products rather than affiliates and increase my traffic to

Obviously these and my other sites are family friendly. I am a homeschool mom myself and this whole internet marketing world can be a bit blurry lol! I do have a blog attached to the site and to 1 of my other sites.

I also to create a uniform look but am trying to figure out the template thing in Dreamweaver - I was using Frontpage (ugh!)

Any thoughts and input would be appreciated!



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Mar 31, 2008
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1.analyze your analytics data. Check for keywords that r bringing very few visits.
2.Check your rankings for those keywords with free rank checker like rankchecker plugin for firefox.
3.Build links to the pages that rank for those keywords with the keywords(you want to rank for) as the anchor text.

some possible keywords u can rank higher for


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Jan 1, 2009
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As salman says build links for your keywords, blog posting etc using those keywords as your anchor text in the comment. Make sure your comment is relevant or you risk it being deleted( although if it is indexed it still helps). Always ping after commenting.
As a noob take a look at the rules of the forum about posting domains.