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Nov 13, 2016
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Dear White Hat SEO Comrades,

My name is Kitty, and I recently signed up for an Amazon affiliate account and made a website in a "niche" that I know is being searched for but not widely tapped in this way yet. (My brother paid thousands of dollars for largely untapped but searched-for keywords from someone very reputable. He gifted me this one.)

So far, I have:

-Made a comparison chart table on the website showing different products with links to Amazon
-Paid someone on fiverr to build a bunch of backlinks to (supposedly) improve my ranking in google
-(Unsuccessfully) tried to drive traffic via forum posts (went to parenting forums and asked their opinion on my idea for a gift for my kid-there was a bit more to it than that, didn't make it sound spammy-no luck.)

I don't want to write my keyword, but I will write that it is a product which could be marketed to people looking for a gift for a child, or looking to sruce up a room in a fun and inexpensive way.

It has been a few months, and so far I haven't sold even one. The backlinks thing worked, to some extent; I am at the bottom of page 2 on google. I can invest maybe €50 or so in this.

I have been browsing the forums on here for ideas, but am new here and am not always able to discern scams from worthwhile services or unpack unfamiliar language. If anyone has SPECIFIC ideas of services I can use or actions I can take to do the following, please post them here:

-Get the website to near the top of page 1 on google search results
-Forum/social media stuff: Do you know of a big facebook or forum community all about gifts or home decor, which buyers (not just advertisers) visit regularly?
-Social media personality in a gift/decor niche who might promote my site for a small fee?
-Other ideas and suggestions

Thanks in advance :)

EDIT: Something that would be really cool, is if anyone knows of a sort of "coach" I could have a skype session or two with for $20 an hour or so, someone who can help me unpack some of the lingo in this field and explain the basic information that I seem to be missing. There's SOOOO much to learn; I do plenty of googling of new terms but this often leads to more questions than answers.
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Pinterest. Google how to build a pinterest following and you will see some improvement.
-Paid someone on fiverr to build a bunch of backlinks to (supposedly) improve my ranking in google

Be a little wary with this. Make sure you check the types of links you're getting from packages like this. fiverr has some pretty awful backlink sellers.
This kind of link package is something you might use for sites linking to your main site, but often not what you might want linking directly to your money site. Not saying this is always the case, but buyer beware.

Might be better off looking in the marketplace here for links if you're after some more - but again, just be careful. You don't want trash sites linking to your money site.
Thank you! I'll be careful and investiage sellers more thoroughly. Also, when you say "main site" and "money site", what is actually the difference between these two? I just have one site (a wordpress site) with a comparison chart at the top and some blog posts about the niche to follow.
Also, when you say "main site" and "money site", what is actually the difference between these two?
Nothing - sorry, I should have used one term and stuck with it.

Many people build links in tiers. So you might also own some sites that link to your main/money site. Fiverr links might be acceptable to that second tier of sites, but not direct to your main/money site.
As you don't own any others, just be a bit careful about the links you send to your site. Check out some of the posts on this forum about link building if in doubt or you want to learn more.

Hopefully that makes more sense...
I have pm you OP, hope we can work together
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