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  1. First off, please read this post and reply (if possible). It will do good to many BHW members here. :)

    I upload YT videos which doesn't infringe anyone's copyright, but where ownership is not clear as well! Example, car crash videos, some raw videos etc. I know these videos CAN BE monetized. Eg: YT user "ChasesandCrashes" . This dude has made a good amount of money in the past 24 Hrs (hint: featured video)! There are similar channels which are FULLY PARTNERED (banners and stuff). Now, we all know they have ripped those videos, whatever they claim. I mean seriously, you really believe they have contacted hundreds of unknown, random video owners and got permission to use their video for commercial purposes?

    I don't want to associate my adsense account with my channel. For THREE main reasons. 1) Quite often, video monetization gets stuck in the review process for eternity. It has happened to me (and others) with similar videos before. 2) Some times, YT asks for proof of copyright. It's very difficult to satisfy them. You will send emails after emails as per their instructions and they would still want more proof. And oh, don't forget the waiting times. 3) YT does not offer banners and channel customization options to new partners. Believe me, they make a LOT of difference to subscriber rate.

    So, keeping in mind that am not asking for something impossible, what are my options now? :). Can you name some networks which will probably accept such channels?

    P.S: It can open up a nice little income stream to many BHW members here. Will hugely appreciate any helpful answer.

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    Outing peoples stuff without their consent is not cool
  3. I only posted this because YT surely knows about his channel (his featured video is a trending video) and he his not going to lose his channel because of this post. I wouldn't have posted his channel if it was a blackhat channel (like the previous movie case). Anyway, can anyone still answer.