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    If you read anything I type, read this:

    HI EVERYONE! I already love this board and am looking forward to helping each other be successful with our internet marketing pursuits, whatever they may be!

    You can skip the rest!

    Following are my bio bits for those who are interested (Is this really a good use of your time? Reading some new member's intro bio? wtf? Go make money or something, haha)

    Last time I wore a black hat was when I was a teen - it was a black fedora with a black ribbon and a small red feather which perfectly complemented my pinstripe suit, two tone shoes, and long, bleached hair.

    By day I would sleep in school and ace all the exams somehow, by night I'd spend hours working away with my FXP groups - lots of things to be done and deadlines to meet.

    Little did I know how well that would later prepare me for this!

    Skip ahead 12 years.

    I moved from the USA to Asia, I got married, healthy, educated and have been to 18 countries. I have turned from script kiddie into web developer in my spare time - spent a year as a project manager doing market research in London, and have worked part-time doing projects that pay and are interesting because it's no fun being dependent on an office job to pay the bills.

    I now teach English and math to EFL students, work way too little, and make way too much. If I were stateside, I would likely be working 3x as much for 1/3 the pay!

    Enter internet marketing. Since I have done market research for one of the largest MR firms in the world, have a masters in psychology, and am a web designer, this seems a perfect fit.

    Where else can you reach such a broad audience for such a small investment?
    Where else are there so many possibilities for monetizing information?
    Where else does the psychology of selling mean so much and actual product quality mean so little?!?!
    Where else can you get employees to do your work for < $1.50 per hour?
    Where else can you so easily help your friends, family members and colleagues make money with their ideas?

    Internet marketing is the new real estate in my opinion, and I'm buying up property.

    My goals for IM:
    1. To pay off my student debt (120k after graduation, now down to 50k)
    2. To create 10x more residual income than I need to survive, but to still work 2 hours per day (good for the mind, body and soul).
    3. To help my friends, family and acquaintances all reach a larger customer base with with their skills through my online marketing expertise. (they provide the products, I provide the customers)
    4. Geographic independence - to be able to live wherever I want, whenever I want, doing whatever I want without being tied to a location because of a job on which I depend for survival

    I'm in this for the long run, so get used to seeing me! :D

    Although I will not be a daily visitor, I will likely pop-in a couple times a month and leave many replies in one go because I'm very good at blocking my time.

    I'll also tell you why I'm going to succeed where others fail:
    1. I'm persistent
    2. I value working smarter rather than harder
    3. I understand what an asset it and I invest in them
    4. I leverage comparative advantage (outsourcing everything)
    5. I consider this an education with tools and information viewed as part of my "tuition"
    6. I have an unusual perception of time - I plan and think years ahead
    7. I make everything into daily habits that will bring me to my goals
    8. I plan on paper before acting
    9. I do my research before investing
    10. I have a budget that will increase with time (3k this year)
    11. I'm persistent

    I am not a fan of writing the same things over and over, so I will just list a few personal bits about me to give you a better taste for who I am.

    Random facts:

    1. My first date was in my 20s, I was very selective, and I married my first girlfriend, now 4 years my wife and it is the best thing that has ever happened to me. Other couples are constantly envious about how we keep the flair alive.

    2. I started my public education late (parents though I wasn't social enough), but finished 3 years early (skipped several grades). Was a bit of an outcast, but have become a social butterfly - teaching children, giving public presentations, and networking with the affluent forces you to improve your social skills real fast (this also comes from lots of reading, practice, and more practice because I'm persistent)

    3. I used to be quite obese and had self-esteem issues for most of my childhood life. After graduation, I decided to get healthy, was persistent, and became a powerlifter which I will continue for the rest of my life (Louie Simmons of Westside barbell is one of my many role models - who else breaks their back twice and still goes on to squat over 900lbs?)

    4. Video games are my vice. I allow myself to play them for relaxation although they are not always relaxing. On a good week, I will play 2-3 hours. On a bad week, I may play as many as 12. At uni I used to play competitive counter-strike and spent 30+ hours each week practicing for 4 years - wish I would have been more money-smart during those years! On average I'd say 3 hours per week is the norm.

    5. I do not have a TV. I average 2 hours of practical reading each day (business / personal development) and 15-30 minutes of pleasurable reading (fiction, classics, philosophy) before bed.]

    6. I first had internet access with a 14.4k modem and my real introduction to the internet began when I started an fxp board for anime that grew to 1300 active members - long before the days of bittorrent.

    7. My e-penis is big, but my real one is average. I have pecs, not man boobs. It's a power belly, not a fat belly. I deadlift 245... kilos, not pounds.

    OK, timer went off. Time to close the browser for today!

    Again, it's a pleasure to join this community!

    I hope we get to know each other well and look forward to enjoying synergistic (rather than zero-sum) success.

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    Welcome onboard, you are certainly not a Noob in terms of real world experience.