Hello from the Philippines! Here's my dillema... :-)

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    May 7, 2013
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    Hi guys. I'm a newb from the Philippines and I welcome any BHers who would want to JV with me specially if your from the Philippines.
    I'm a businessman by nature and by experience.
    I used to own 3 direct selling companies here in the Philippines.
    I am currently undertaking several registered business ventures all of which are in the Philippines.
    I have over 15 years of experience in making, running, and profiting from Sales inclined businesses.
    I have experience in sales, MLM, Direct Selling, printing and publication, marketing.

    I'm currently having some problems on the money side and am looking to make some money for my family.

    My problem is I have several unutilized resources but I don't have enough capital to start making some money, that's why when I found BHworld I
    quickly grabbed the opportunity to be able to alleviate my financial problems.

    I have some resources we could use:
    3 locations (residential) - All in the Philippines (Caloocan, Galas Quezon City, Pasig)
    1 provincial location - a saltfarm and fish farm in Nasugbu, Batanggas
    A home office in Pasig - lot's of space with a small 2nd floor warehouse
    4 computers (3 laptops and a desktop)
    HP 8100 printer with unlimited ink subscription
    A Life Coaching Journal Publication - my sister and I own this (we have a printing/publication business that specializes on life coaching journals)
    - we can sell these online (we come up with several editions per year) (Nestle and Unilever bought a big batch from us and National Bookstore carries it in stock)
    3 cars (2 of which are functioning and one is an SUV which got flooded is currently in the car shop)
    500 pieces of Magnetic Therapy Bracelets (from my old DS company) that we can sell.
    Lot's of electronic spare parts.
    A lot in an exclusive subdivision in Tagaytay
    Access to owners of 2 Multi-Level Marketing Companies (MLM) based in the Philippines
    Access to the VP of a Pharmaceutical Company also in the Philippines
    Access to owners of a start-up clothing line called Camisa

    I am a graduate of a Business Course in college.

    It may seem like I'm rich but I'm really deep into money problems. No debts mind you. But my family "is" having problems making ends meet.
    My father is bed ridden and my mother's too old too work. So my sister and I are the only one's keeping us afloat enough to buy medicine for
    my elderly mom and dad and keep food on the table. Along with the fact that I need to get married by next year if I want to start a family (I'm
    33 and I'm not getting any younger),

    So that's me. Hoping for some help here guys. Chin is up. I'm very encouraged by the results of those guys who make big money in this site. :)

    PM me and I'll send you my contact details and facebook so that you can look me up.
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    Hey Mr!

    A fellow Pinoy here. Hope you enjoy your stay here at BHW. I'm a noob myself, but the crowd here is pretty helpful (save for a few trolls and wannabes). So feel free to ask questions.

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    Welcome and good luck with your journey. I am sure you will be able to find something. What happened to the three companies you owned?
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    Aug 3, 2011
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    Sounds like a distress scam?
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    Nov 15, 2012
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    Yeah, I've learned alot of ILM tricks here from BHW. I'm from Laguna btw. So what I've learned I've started my own Internet Marketing team. We're not making tons of money yet but we're doing good for starters since our venture started just last month.