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    I am over due on my intro. I joined here about 10 weeks ago. I am passionate about the health and weight loss niche. I taught fitness and nutrition for years, as I watched many loved one's suffer, I guess I feel driven. After self publishing a book on Amazon and not doing well with sales, I realized there had to be a better way. BING! I thought why not create my own digital products and join an affiliate site like Clickbank. To set my digital products apart, I took my weight loss programs a step further by offering my customers real live support. So, I am on a mission...just want to see people happy with life in general. So, I joined HERE to learn, get motivation, and NOW, I am benefiting from all the resources and everyone's support. If you or anyone you know are interested in marketing in this niche, I do offer 70% commission, offer an upsell. Thank you BlackhatWorld for offering this community to us.