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    Hello Black Hat World I am Agamemnon King and I am new to this world of yours. I was perusing the forum threads earlier and read some that were intended to inspire others to never give up. Please allow me to relate my own story as to why you should listen to these people and NEVER GIVE UP.

    I was born in 1952 with Extreme Clubbed Foot in both legs. For those of you who do not know what Clubbed Foot is it is where my legs were turned outwards, where the inside of my legs were facing forwards as most other people's shins are. Also my feet were turned on their sides so that my little toe was in contact with the floor at all times, while my big toe was in the air. Every doctor that my dear departed mother took me to, told her that I would never walk and would instead be confined to a wheelchair for the rest of my life. Since birth I had casts on both legs from the tips of my toes to my hips.

    Twice a year I can remember sitting on a gurney in the hospital as the doctors had to cut off my casts, then reapply them in order to accommodate my growing legs. I can still remember sitting on the edge of the gurney and watching as my legs rose into the air on their own accord due to the fact that the weight of the casts were no longer weighing them down. After they returned to their normal position of hanging down the doctors would once again apply the casts to my legs. I started Grammar school First grade in a wheelchair, but it was cool because my best friend Arthur (who pushed me around) and I got to go into school late and got out early to avoid the rush of the other children.

    In 1958 my mother found a doctor who told her that he could help me. This doctor took me aside and made a pact with me that if I would try my hardest and listen to what he told me, that he would be able to help me to walk. Three operations later, I spent many days sitting in a machine with a T sectioned metal bar between my legs pressing against the balls of my feet for three hours at a time. I learned how to walk with the help of crutches near the end of '59. Finally in the summer of 1960 I was able to learn how to walk without the use of any other instruments and started the fourth grade like any normal child.

    I worked my arse off, I never gave up and every time some stupid doctor would tell me that I was wasting my time and I would never be able to walk, my mother would have to slap me for giving those doctors the one fingered Italian salute. Thinking back, every time I go out dancing I am giving all those doctors that wouldn't believe the same finger.

    All my life people have been trying to tell me what I can and can not do, and I take pride in the fact that I have ALWAYS proved them wrong. In 2001 I was the oldest freshman living on campus at a Private University at the ripe young age of 49, 4 years later I received a triple Bachelors degree in Business Management, Marketing and Finance with a double minor in Information technology and Computer Science all with Honors. Once again proving all my relatives and some so called friends that YES I CAN do whatever I set my mind to doing.

    My latest endeavor is trying to make money online, and I am sure that you already know what people have tried to tell me especially if you yourself are also in this field. I started by creating a Blog and I tried something which seems unheard of in Internet Marketing it seems, from the way that too numerous misleading emails I receive on a daily basis to my inbox. I figured that I would start by telling people the truth, I started my blog on March 10th of this year, my most recent post after that was on March 23rd and I was promptly involved in a Horrific car accident on the 24th and wound up in the hospital for a number of weeks.

    Upon returning home from the hospital yesterday, I checked my blog to find that I had 36 comments waiting to be approved ... which once again proves to all the nay sayers that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE IF YOU BELIEVE and NEVER GIVE UP. Please Never allow anyone to tell you that it can't be done, no matter what it is. I hope that I have not bored you to tears with my introduction and I also know that I will learn a lot here and thank all of you in advance.
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    With that much will power, I'm sure you CAN be a millionaire in less than a year with all the info you get here in BHW.

    Welcome to BHW - The Internet Marketer's paradise! Best wishes on all of your future endeavors.