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    Hi, My name is Chris, and I don't remember if I introduced myself before here. I'm a Js, Python and PHP developer. I'm willing to work with anyone who needs automation.

    If you know how to do $20 a day doing a process, I can make 100 machines learn and repeat the same process. Willing to work on anything that generates more than $100 - $200 a day.

    Here's an small example of a work:

    This one is a week ago:

    There's another version doing voice decodification (speach to text) using Sphinx + 3 servers, creating Double Phase Authenticated (Phone verified) accounts. %100 automated. Logins and logout included.

    I'm willing to learn about promotion and traffic generation techniques. I have a small working search engine, and I work with a partner who own's a medium size Telco. Going for more.

    The last time I used this forum, when I was 17, I remember there was 2 guys, one called Harr0 and another one, used to be Thropheum, or something alike, are they still here?

    I' like chemistry as well. I'm ready for adventures.