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    So.. introductions! I'm a college student from Europe and i have been following this forum for almost a year now and i owe a "thanks" to everyone in here for the very useful tips and all the unique info and knowledge you have already shared here.

    I always find amusing the amount of people that come here to basically ask "how do i make money" and I very much agree with the policy of no spoon feeding because learning SEO, IM and developing all the other skills that we need to be successful at making an online income takes time, cleverness and most of all focus and persistence, so spoon feeding would make a joke of our efforts and of all the time spent developing our strategies and methods (cause most methods are easy once you know how to do it :p).

    That said i think this forum is perfect for guidance and for opening each others eyes for things that we sometimes overlook.

    My first online paycheck was of $32 which was more than i expected at the time. I love computers, programming, the freedom and the possibilities that the world wide web gives to an individual these days. :)

    I wish good luck to everyone, and i hope you all succeed on all that makes you happy in this life.
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    I'm new here too. I've downloaded an audio book from audible (they have a promotion on at the moment for 2 free downloads, if anyone's interested I can post the link) today called "Click Millionaire". I'm not trying to plug the book or the offer, I've listened to the first few chapters and it has basically been about making friends / acquaintances online in their area of your interests and how these people can open new doors for you... so here I am :S