Hello BHW & All my IM Friends...

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Dec 22, 2014
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Hello friends & respected Mods,
This is SEOWORLDS , 'm a software engineer by profession & education:) .
And, I have done a lot of freelancing works like: Website development, seo-link buildings, article writing graphics design, social media marketing etc in my college days and earned some handsome money on those days.

Then, I left this freelancing / IM works & joined a 9-5 MNC-job.
I have completed a lot of software & web-security & some digital marketing - projects there throughout my Job-life.

But, now I am really tired with that 9-5 job and mentally ill by that corporate pressure. Though I was a Team Leader but I have to take a lot of responsibilities under my shoulder . And after this all ,what I got:
1. some promotions,
2. salary increments,
3. mental depression ,
4. poor health,
5. no time for family.
ha hao_O

So, I left my job and decided to continue my IM carrier , my own business & my own start-up. I have opened this account on BHW many days before when I was doing freelancing but after that I was not in touch with this IM things just to focus my carrier.

But, now I am back again.;)

I have already registered my own Digital Marketing firm .
And, now I need the supports from my BHW friends & Mods. Am also here to share my knowledge and to get knowledge from our respective members.

Thanks friends, please pray for me.
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