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Have you tried Pinata VPS? Scam Report Megafastservers.com

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by DarkMeta, Nov 11, 2012.

  1. DarkMeta


    Sep 27, 2012
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    Taken from WF

    I had a client forwarded me an email he got spammed with today from Megafastservers.
    For those of you who dont know who they are.
    Megafastservers are a company who provides SEO vps to people that comes loaded with (Cracked) SEO tools.
    I knew this but after reading their email I was intrigued to go on a mini mission to call these guys out on their scam operation and see just how far I get.
    I hate scammers. And these guys hit the top of anyones list. Every IM forum is jammed with horror stories about them.

    Selling Cracked Softwares.
    Stealing DeCaptcha Logins
    Stealing User:pass Proxies
    Stealing Software Licenses.
    Even Just Outright Stealing Money.

    A quick search by anyone, on any of the big forums, and you will be bombarded with results of such accounts of how they where scammed by Megafastservers.
    So let me begin with the email they sent.
    Superior grasp of the English language in that sales letter. A click through to the link within the email. Led me to a lander. But in the lander I could only see 18 SEO tools listed and no link to the Free Trial. This is where my conversation starts. Wheres that trial and those 50 Tools?

    But lets see how the conversation went, shall We?

    Manager: Mega Fast

    Hello. How may I help you?
    Me: Hello
    Hi, where is free trial?
    I got an email saying I can get a free trial here but i dont see on this page
    Left Waiting for 5 minutes
    Hello? is anybody here
    Where is list of tools for each plan?
    You have been transferred to: Lisa Turner: Megafast
    Lisa Turner:Megafast
    Thanks for your interest in our demo. Please First Download The Blaze Client that fits Your System:
    No Tools Apart from Basic Ones are included in the demo for security reasons.
    Only Answer if you decide to buy the Full VPS, Thanks!
    I dont understand? For $70 it says xrumer vps. What other software do i get?
    Or is it only xrumer?
    Lisa Turner: Megafast
    senukexcr and others
    Hello: Me
    Yes what others. is there a list i can see? For each plan.
    The email said 50 tools but the website only shows 18
    Do i get all 50 with $30 plan?
    And can i get a list of the 50?
    Or do i need to pay the $120 for all 50?
    Lisa Turner:Megafast
    Yes you get 50 in the 30$ plan we cant tell all list for security reasons sorry
    Hello: Me
    I would like to see the list of 50 software
    What security reason?
    What do you mean
    I want to buy something, but you cant tell me what i am buying?
    this is weird
    Lisa Turner:Megafast
    You know important softwares are in tool list in the web we have a lot of competence
    Hello: Me
    Sorry I did not understand that.
    I would like to know what i am buying
    Lisa Turner:Megafast
    Thank you for your chat. Feel free to contact us again.
    I was then cut off from chat and my IP was blocked from the website.
    Luckily I am a man with proxies.

    I want to buy the plan with 50 software. But I want to know what software I am getting. Why is this a problem. Why must I must pay someone for something that I don't know what it is?
    Why did you disconnect my chat? Block my IP, and not answer my questions?
    This is a very suspicious way of behaving and speaking to potential customers.
    You want me to buy a Pinata VPS?
    I don't know what I get until I send you money.
    If you keep ignoring me I will post this conversation on every IM forum and send it to every friend I know.
    This is not how to do business and not how to treat people.
    The conversation was again forced closed and my IP was blocked.
    In fact they blocked the entire subnet. But I am a man with more proxies then one subnet.



    We got disconnect earlier. And now you blocked my IP from chatting.
    I asked you for a list of tools that comes with your VPS but you refuse to give me the list.
    This could only mean that this Pinata VPS must have cracks or something.
    Is that true?
    Lisa Turner:Megafast
    We really cant tell all the list on live chat and all tools offered in sales page are legit
    Why can you not tell me. And by legit you mean that you bought a license right?
    If you have bought licenses for every customers vps tools. How can you provide a Pinata vps for such a price. I mean I know Senuke alone costs over $100 per month. How do you make money if every customer has their own legit license?
    Lisa Turneras: Megafast
    You know is a shared server
    And if its all legit why are you being so shady about telling me what I get for my money?
    Lisa Turner:Megafast
    Its our politics if you want to see all list try it for this price you wont find nothing better
    Your completely evading answering any of my questions with straight answers.
    Yes or No. Are you breaking license agreements. And that how you can give it cheap? Legit license but shared by many users?
    Lisa Turner:Megafast
    Ok then how can you give me Senukexcr and 49 other tools for $30 a month?
    If Im not sharing with others?
    Do you have some kind of deal with developers or something?
    Like cheap licenses?
    Lisa Turner
    But Admin is the one that knows about that I cant tell
    If you want email [email protected]
    to ask for tool you need
    Oh thats cool then. Why did you just not say that earlier and remove any suspicion.
    So if you have a deal and your software is not cracked why can you not give me the list of tools then?
    Lisa Turner:Megafast
    Just Admin can talk about these Im only sales
    What have you got to hide?
    Then why dont you put an Admin on to speak to me?
    Lisa Turner:Megafast
    Not available now we are like very bussy Im talking to 12 people right now

    Hey I love Pinata too. But when it comes to things outside of buying candy, Its really not the way to do business. You want me to buy a Pinata VPS but cant tell me whats inside before I buy. Are those 12 people buying a Pinata too or are they the people who make them for you?
    Hey send me $120 to my Paypal and I will send you something that's worth $120 in return.
    Honest I will.
    That is what you are asking me to do.
    Lisa Turner:Megafast
    Dude the thing offered in sales page are much than 120 or not?
    I've seen Nigerian scams with a better play then this one.
    Lisa Turner:Megafast
    How much is Xrumer and captcha spinner?
    No, the salepage say 50, you site show 18, and you refuse to tell me the other 32 for (security reasons).
    But you say you have a deal with developers to sell like this. So why are you hiding information then.
    I mean whats the big secret if your Pinata vps is legit. In the time we have spent here you could have easily listed all the apps 10 times over by now.
    You have the list right. Can you not just paste and copy it here?
    Lisa Turner:Megafast
    Thats right I cant spend more timer sorry we cant share all list if you dont trust dont buy but just the 18 tools offered are the most important and you wont find that in any other place
    Good bye
    Another attempt to get information and another IP block.

    Did you notice how they went from
    Everyone each having a license.
    To everyone sharing a license.
    To them having deals with developers for cheap licenses.
    Which is it megafast?

    Info for anyone who was ripped by this company.
  2. demixas

    demixas Newbie

    Jul 20, 2012
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    SEO, Interior work
    Home Page:
    All family in business.
    And Lisa Turner, and Anna Turner.
    i46 . tinypic . cc oo mm / zlyvj9 . jpg
    I don't understand, but i won't order megafastservers.
    Last edited: Feb 22, 2013
  3. mardareme

    mardareme Newbie

    Feb 22, 2013
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    i won t too,read about them
  4. triplex

    triplex Regular Member

    Jul 8, 2009
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    I have been with them already since sept last year, and i really cant say they bad. I have 4 vps with 3 diff companies and megafastservers are the best, support is great, i think ive had a downtime of maybe 1 hour in 8 months! I dont care wht they offer in their tools, i care about there service. And its good.
    I have never talked to Lisa Turner, but have talked to her sister or whatever family member and she is a great person.

    Then guys, its up to u what u wanna do with your money!

    Cheers from Italy!