Have you seen these Google ads before?


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Aug 21, 2012
So, a few days ago, I noticed that these popups kept happening on my site and did not know why. I guessed it was because I was using a "free" theme, so I bought the 55 dollar theme, and 8 hours later, I figured out what they were.


You see an ad and if your mouse hovers over it, you see this.



It gets big! I guess I was not paying attention at 5 in the morning.

Has anyone ever seen these before?
No i never seen that before. That's an interesting ad, im pretty sure it is much move expensive than other ads.
all big websites which have huge corporate advertisers , have such ads . You must be getting lots of traffic .
These seem like super premium ads. Would you share with us your daily visits and cpc for these ads? I guess they are paying a lot.
First time to see that type of ad. It looks interesting, will conduct a little research about it and will get back and post the details here. ;)
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