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    I'm going into my second year with my costume website. Last year I sold approximately $125 in merchandise ... not bad but definitely not good enough when you consider that I only earned 4% of that via Amazon's affiliate program.

    So, this year I'm looking to improve my income and maybe diversify my offerings. I know there are a lot of fellow BHW members operating successful Halloween and Christmas sites. I would love to get your suggestions based on your success and experience in regards to making money with Halloween sites.

    What affiliate programs do you use?
    Do you use Amazon links only on your site to sell Halloween costumes?
    How are you monetizing your Halloween site?
    Is your Halloween site more content-based or ad-based?
    What advice would you offer someone building a Halloween site?

    Now is the time to fire things up and get cranking! My daughter loves zombies and started building a site last year around that sub-niche but she hasn't done anything else with it. Zombies are everywhere and I think she should really work on building her site.

    If anyone has a site you're building around zombies, I would love to hear how well things have been going for you or learn about the challenges you may have encountered.