[Guide] A Small Guide to Bring Huge Adult traffic

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    I read lots of Threads in which users are asking for Adult Traffic Suggestions. So I thought it will be a great idea if i can make Small Guide on adult Traffic rather then replying everybody in the Post. If i missed anything please update . So here you Go.

    Free Traffic

    1.Video Uploads

    The best & most effective method is to watermark your Video with your website name and Upload it to the Video Site. it will bring traffic to your site. and if you want to increase this traffic by 2~3 times. add 2 second clip of "watch more video on this site" in start & the end.

    2.File Uploads

    The Second Effective method to promote your site is to upload video to the file hosts. put them in the Zip folder and end the file name with your site. also add More Videos text int it with your site name. it is not extremely effective method. but it does bring traffic.

    3.Torrents Uploads.

    Well i dont know whether you have used this method or not. but for me it turns out to be one of the highest trafffic bringing method. Upload torrent. and for Previews give your website --> may be main site or directly to the video or Picture. belive me it brings lots & lots of traffic ;)


    Post comments in the forums & Blogs Posts under audlt video Postings. it is not extremely effective but. Bits from every corner makes huge Difference. and you can use Signature for backlinks which will helps you in the SEO and organic Traffic.

    5.Traffic Trades

    The other free traffic option will be the traffic trades/exchange Program with other sites. But for that you must have some traffic on your site as well. So to do this you have to follow above steps

    Paid Traffic


    1. Plugs

    In paid traffic the cheapest Option is to buy plugs from the site. I mean they will Get a thumb from you with description. and place it into their site as a part of site. I call it cheapest because it is based on weekly pricing, you can Negotiate the price with the seller. and its the appeal of the content which can enhance the traffic.

    2. Raw Traffic

    The second option is to buy Raw traffic from the suppliers like TrafficHolders. i can only suggest you this traffic when you actually learned alot about the visitors . Because in my opinion TH traffic Sometimes get the hardest to Monetize while sometimes one of the easiest to monetize

    3. Targeted / Contextual Traffic

    Well in the last the Most expensive & the most quality traffic is the targeted traffic. which is mostly bases on PPC and other matrix.Only use this Thing once you got your hands dirty with the other methods.

    I arranged this information like in the forms of Steps. So start slow and end up big

    If it helps don't forget to say thanks & Rep up
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    Thanks for your guide, mate.
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    Thanks for the guide. Will have to try these methods.
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    thanks ill try this methods btw what torrent sites you recommend
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    Anyone know any good PPC SE that provide a decent amount of adult searches? Back in the day I did very well with the likes of 7search and others.. guess times change and it's not viable any more
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    Wats the best way to monetize this traffic? Any tips on that front mate?