Growing A Crypto Twitter Account - Real Case Study


Dec 16, 2017
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I applied the same strategies that I have already discussed in my previous threads on growing a Twitter account.

I have mainly discussed the NFT projects but this time it was a bit different approach but much more straightforward and simple.

Firstly, We have checked the influencers we can use according to the budgets we have provided and created 1 huge giveaway event to create the buzz.

The event was pretty successful and gave us a lot of traction and new followers to kick start the account.

Our later posts were based on the project utility and features and that pushed with NFT/crypto communities so that we can get a better reach with our every post.

We rolled this process again and again and we got a Twitter account with a decent standing.

Now the project can open its telegram and discord and let people in from Twitter and this gradually start creating a community around the project.

Secret Sauce = Project utility posts + ongoing promotional campaigns
Hello. Could you please tell a little more details about the strategies that helped you achieve such an impressive result?
Can you send a link to your previous post ?
nice, btw how much money you guys spend for the giveaway?
So cool. I also have a crypto twitter account but i'm not utilising it fully!
I'm working on a NFT project as well. thanks so much for your tips and insight on this, i will definitely put your experience into practice and see if it yields certain results.
I got a crypto twitter account. Basically i just retweet news and important tweets. Made me 90 follower so far
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