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Apr 7, 2021
I don't know whether it's happening with me.

I heard from a lot of people here on BHW and on LinkedIn, Twitter, FB as well that they use Grammarly premium to check plagiarism and they are satisfied with it.

For the past 30 days, I am doing extensive research on plagiarism checkers and Grammarly doesn't even come in my top 3 list.

Not once but many times, even today, I copied the whole article from Neil Patel's website and paste it in Grammarly, it didn't showed me any Plag.
Copied from Hubspot and pasted but still 0% plag.

Can someone tell me, what's wrong here. I am using Grammarly through a group buy.

There was only once when it showed Plag. It happens extremely rarely.

By the way, the most powerful plagiarism checker is 1Text. Even if the whole article is paraphrased it will catch. Not just the sentence but I think it also detects the style, tone and structure.
However, it can be overwhelming for content writers. I recommend it using only when you write yourself for your own website. Free account gives 15,000 symbols everyday.

Second on my list is Quetext. Although sometimes it show results which are not even related to your niche but you can take it as warning to save your site from Google penalty. Free account gives 2500 words daily.

Third I use is CopyScape. Not because I like it, but it is industry standard and most of my writing clients use it.

At last, no plagiarism checker is perfect. While submitting articles to clients I check my content with all four of the above. It's fun!!

1Text says 70% unique, Quetext says 8% plagiarism and Copyscape and Grammarly (brother & sister) as always says, 0% plagiarism, 100% unique.
Do you use grammarly through third-party website? if yes then buy grammarly from their official website
1Text and Quetext turned out to be the best for me, and I also use Grammarly. CopyScape is the worst for me.
Search the forum for reviews for the mentioned plagiarisms.
Personally, I haven't had problems with Grammarly. Maybe adjust the settings/use another plagiarism checker to double verify the results?
I personally use 1text and it works for me. And I use Grammarly for writing content.
Grammarly is all-in-one checker. So, people just like it not because its plagiarism checker.
Anyway, it's comfortable enough for easy purposes (for me I use it for guest posting content unqiue checks)
Just use Questext like all the intelligent people do :)
Grammarly turns out to be more affordable for people and that is why more people use it. Any character based checker gets expensive if you're churning out a lot of content.
I personally use 1text and it works for me. And I use Grammarly for writing content.
Hi, did you pay them using your card, they seem abit shaddy, as the site is russian, do you think it is safe to pay them using you card, they do not accept paypal
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