Got to love GoDaddy Support


Junior Member
Jun 19, 2014
So today my Cpanel was not loading properly on Godaddy so I contacted their support and this is what they had to say...

Not sure what a style sheet has to do with my Cpanel not loading... and how they expect me to fix it if I can't access my Cpanel lol..


Gotta love a company who knows their product.....
godaddy best for domains not for hosting , switch to OVH , their support are extremely awesome.
I contacted godaddy support yesterday, I changed my domain dns/nameserver into my hosting/nameserver.

And yet godaddy still wont update my nameserver like usual.

Usually it only took me like 5-10 minutes.
Still stuck with godaddy domain parking dns.

The support ask me to wait 7-10 days for the dns to update.

I said seriously? And he said yes.
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