Google Update - PR Update now!


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Jan 29, 2010
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Hi All,

I checked my site now, Page rank updated. Check your site PR.
Finally updated, I got now 13 new PR6 and 42X pr7 domains!
hoow cool is that!!!
PR hog :) A few of my new sites went from 0 to 1, happy with that.
no updates so far with my sites

refference :
I just did a search on this, not to bothered about PR these days, but some new reports are saying this this PR update is a snapshot from May or June 2010, and this new measure by Google - delaying the update for a long time, is to stop new sites that are purpose built to sell links.

So if somebody built a new site in august say, they won't get PR or be selling any PR links.

Who knows though, and who cares, I'm in the SERPS ranking business, not in the link selling business - that's all PR is good for.
How often do they do pr updats? is it yearly? I went from a 1 to a 2 on my site is it really that big of a deal?
Even Dec or Jan month PR update... But can't say abt Google, what is next algo ?:D
No update on my pages either... what are they acctually counting whit PR? visitors, links content?
yeah, PR updated, from 0 to 1 one of my site. I think not updated completely yet.

Same here, when I was running tracking software yesterday it was saying I was in the number 1 position. I checked big G and nothing. I hit advanced search and I was number one. Now today I show up in the first position organically without advanced search.
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