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Feb 22, 2011
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Hi all, last 2 days i was submitted one of the site to article directories,
I am very lazy myself to rewrite articles or even to spin them.
So i deside to use google translate:
Remember we need articles to build backlinks with our anchor text not to make it popular.
So what i did:
1)As i am russian i went to biggest search engine) and typed in Дайвинг в Египте (Diving in Egypt) keyword i wont rank for, took article from top site.
2) posted russian article to google and translate it to english
3) checked english article for unique and it was 91.33%

Thats all, hope it help someone)))
Yah , and GG can translate content to craw , too .
But not sure ...
Yeah, Best will be converting English to French and then French to German and then German to English.

You will get a unique article but it will not be much readable..

Like when we convert "windows" into Hindi it says "Khidkiyan" which means the window of the house :|

So such things mess up quite badly.

TBS(the best spinner) is the best spinner ever made :D

Superb !! it may help out for translating many assignments ;) :D hope google will support max number of languages as well as characters :rolleyes:
it that readable?
I think it is readible
BTW we need artcile to Build BackLInks with oiur anchor text not to read it))

Example of translated article
Diving in Egypt

Amazingly colorful and diverse underwater world of the Red Sea will please fans of snorkeling and all tourists in the resorts of Egypt. In the Red Sea are home to over a thousand species of fish, grows about 150 species of corals. Coral reefs, seaweed, shells, fish - a national treasure, and a person should not destroy the life of this complex organism. According to Egyptian law, for their injury threatened a heavy fine. Colorful coral reefs stretch along the coast. Affects the diversity of corals, which can be round, flat, branched. Their color scheme is the most diverse - from light pink to yellow and brown and blue. But color is only living coral, after death, they lose their soft tissue and the covering is only white calcium skeleton. Excursion to the coral reefs are made, as a rule, almost the whole day.

Diving in Egypt can be practiced all year round. On the Red Sea resorts in the winter air temperature +20-25 degrees Celsius in the summer between +35-40 degrees. Average water temperature in winter 21 degrees in summer + 28 degrees.

Egyptian coast, virtually uninhabited stretches over 1500 km in the north-eastern part of the Red Sea. We have the widest range of divers diving areas, among them the most remote, nearly pristine places, where they were delivered by cruise ships, or visit the program includes a safari with a base on land.
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I think it is readible
BTW we need artcile to Build BackLInks with oiur anchor text not to read it))
It's readable if your second language is English, otherwise quite a few sentences do not make any sense.

This method is Ok for 3rd tiers, but you could just as well scrape articles and replace/spin to come up with non-readable stuff as well.
This is quite an old method, I don't personally use it, but google. Doesn't translate as well... So you would have to put effort in fixing the errors.
I will not)) i am using mass mailing for traffic my self))
Great method that i used for almost one year without problems even with my money websites and it takes 5-10 minutes to correct the articles before posting them.
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