Google spam link update

This update indirectly addresses PBNs, while directly addressing "Affiliate Links."

G00gle is demanding that "ALL" site owners identify "ALL" links on their web pages that "involve payment, sponsorship, or are otherwise commercial in nature."

They are declaring that "ALL" of the web pages that DO NOT have the: rel="sponsored" as the rel value, when they are in fact affiliate programs or are somehow monetized, will experience manual actions.

It also means that G00gle is once again tightening up on link schemes, blah, blah, blah, yada, yada, yada.

This makes one wonder, is Matt Cutts back in the house?
What do you think - affiliate links must be nofollow or sponsored? Or both?
I have every affiliate links set up as - nofollow. Is it enough?

When you understand G00gle, you understand they are demanding that "ALL" monetized links have the rel value. Notice what G00gle is declaring.

While we have gotten significantly better at detecting and nullifying such link schemes, we still strongly recommend that site owners apply the appropriate rel values to these links.

To rephrase, you MUST use the rel values on those links.
i think they have developed a backend system for their quality raters to disable "passing quality signals" aka "link juice" for sites that are heavily advertised on forums like 5iver, legit, peopleprhr etc.. and also contained in emails like "hello sir, please see my guest posting websites below..." so instead of manual action on these, these sites become dud in passing quality signals.
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