Google Releases October 2023 core update


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Dec 11, 2021
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New beginning. Or the end?
My suspect is because of all the backlash they've gotten for the HCU to the point that even news were covering it, they had to do something to repair the bad publicity.

There were many complaints of spam sites, and irrelevant search results too. Something had to be done to paint themselves as the 'good guys' again, especially now that they have a major lawsuit with the DoJ.

I guess they will just reverse previous update.
Hopefully it will solve the previous
Things couldn't go any worse for me now, my sites have sunk, but one has managed to rank for 11 keywords in a couple of weeks, too on a new site, so I'd like to see if my other sites, recover, and if that one in particular loses its keywords, as if it doesn't then I got the hang of writing hopefully popular most times content using AdWords % risers.

Soon google will just leave ai to do this type of work and report to us on the feed every day! :D
After the last update I found it quicker just to search stuff directly on Reddit since that was all Google seemed to be giving me anyway. Maybe they are turning some of that one off.
*tongue clicking noises intensify* As if i didn't have enough to do, following all these updates is a full time job.
Wow paying attention to the latest Google update pointing spam. Spamming is a critical aspect of keeping a healthy and reliable online environment. Although its revision but beneficial for all of us
I Read this news from yesterday , this update rolled out again 2 week , Mainly focused on structure of website content
I've been reading here( and many other communities) about Google's Updates this year.

I can say it is horrifying and depressing.

I've never seen that many people got affected by it. I thought the May Core Update during 2022 was bad enough, but the HCU and the 2 ongoing updates (Spam and Oct core update) seem to hit even more people.

Some people are even posting how depressed they've become, some even contemplated suicide, some said they're seeking couselling for their mental health.

I think many of us never expect Google to become such a tyrant. I mean, some of us already knew long ago but their sudden drastic actions are just... damn...

I hope everyone is okay here.

So far, I'm seeing so many spam sites going up in the search results... So I'm not sure how effective are those 2 updates at the moment. lol
Traffic down by 99% in a single day , not spamming, 2 year old site, never used chat gpt or any automatic content generator. I dont know how i got affected. 80% of blog post were on 1st or 2nd spot on googles first page.
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