"Google Ranks Webpages, Not Websites"

Really great article it is.
Thanks for sharing. :)
They have been saying this since some time now. I have taken pages with zero backlinks that were on page 1 and 2 of Google and posted them on other websites. Guess what? The pages never ranked in top 100. Domain authority is a ranking factor.
if your homepage is strong you’ll be able to rank for all, but even with a weak homepage if you build backlinks on a inner page you’ll be able to rank for it *hypothetical scenario so in my opinion you should build links to homepage and inner page for maximum rankings and that’s why they’re not entirely lying
Fake news. I can hire a teenager from 3rd world country on fiverr to write an article and publish it on Washingtonpost.com and it will rank for payday loans or Viagra in 5 hours
Absolutely. This is why marketers spend money to write product reviews on News/PR websites and get them ranked easily.

site:globenewswire.com review
Google doesn't rank sites based on a single metric. They prioritize according to the following order:
Domain authority (to prefer trusted sites)
Page authority (to prioritize reliable posts)
Relevance (to serve user intent)
Social media impressions (to find content preferred by users)
User behavior (to avoid thin pages, redirects, spam sites etc.)

There are several other metrics, but these are the top ones.
Absolutely. This is why marketers spend money to write product reviews on News/PR websites and get them ranked easily.

site:globenewswire.com review

Yeah, the SERPS are spammed to death with those these days. It's a BHW member (or several members?) doing this - I know this because it seems to be the same domains being used - they're also buying backlinks here.
Google can suck my dick.....we have to create a /bhwbest against this motherfucker.
Of course, google ranks pages and gives priority to pages from high authority sites.
Here's an example: I was ranking #1 for a keyword for a few years, then a big website published a short and simple article for that keyword and of course they became #1.
Google also ranks pages based on the domain authority, however if you don't have a big authority site you can't rank on the first page a good keyword without backlinks. Parasites rank because of their domain authority, amazon products rank because of their domain authority. These pages have 0 links coming in, both internal and external, however they rank because they are on a website trusted by Google.
Google ranking pages as opposed to sites has been in play for at least 14 years and I am sure longer than that.

I've no clue why that just came up on SEJ as that is a pretty solid site in general when it comes to SEO content but the article is way too late for it to be breaking news of any sort.

I remember selling sites (I had a sales thread here as well as in other places) whereby we built sites based on that concept and I think that was 2010 or 2011 but had always built my personal sites based on that knowledge.
bunch of scheiße, google ranks based on domain authority etc and not just a single thing on your site
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