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    Hoping there is someone here that is familiar with Android Apps enough to be able to help with my Google Play store. I currently have about 20 or so Apps published. My Play store dev account has been active and earning $ with AdMob ads since July of 2013, then as you may know in August of 2014 big G decided to change AdMob to Adsense. That sent my earnings to absolute 0 when the change took affect since my Adsense account was disabled years ago. Anyone else in this situation? Did you switch your Apps to another ad network? If so which one?

    A few of the highest earning Apps were a few of the first ones I made. The problem is I don't have the .apk file for those.

    Looking for someone that can help with downloading the .apk file to get to the original code (my own) so I can edit the code for another ad network.

    Please PM if you think you can help.