Google Local Snack Pack Ranking Hack!

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    Why aren't you building links to Google local snack pack listings???

    I did a quick test case study of this last year and got some fantastic results. I build a bunch of links to a Google business page and rocketed it into the top three for a really competitive term.

    The verified address was nowhere near the centroid of the city but a lot of the other top three spots weren't either. There was definitely no shortage on place listings as the local keyword search volume was over 2400 per month and the competition was definitely medium / high as it was a service that yielded in excess of $1000 per job.

    Because it's a Google property that already has a DA100, the business pages are very sensitive to links and you can achieve some great results with very few links, and it can also absorb spam as well with very little negative effects (although I wouldn't recommend it - as there is no need to do it like that)

    Want to know how I took the business page from position 15 to position to 2 in under 21 days? Just 14 (spun) blog comments on half decent sites – that's it!

    This strategy is still working great yet no one at all talks about it. Here's the type of links that work when you point them to your Google business page.

    1) Good on topic PBN links using partial match anchors only.
    2) Softly weighted 301's (a topically relevant (topical trust flow) expired domain with no more than 20 links behind it) - this way your building 20 links in one go.
    3) Half decent blog comments work like gold as well - partial match anchors.
    4) Even though they're nofollow, send links from all of your other legitimate profiles about the same business back to your Google+ business page.
    5) An in-contextual link from your homepage
    6) Of course the usual Citation links from directories. Sometimes I build citations and list the main website link as the Google business page URL instead of the website URL. That way you get a proper link back to the Google business page.

    This strategy works beautifully when complimented by a proper Google business page that has been fleshed out correctly with a few posts, some images and videos. Whenever you build new links to the page you should always update the page with a few more posts as they love fresh content on their own properties.

    There is no excuse for not being in the snack pack anymore with your Google business page, especially if you're in the top 10 already.