Google Instant - What you think?

I didn't realize they had updated the search until I clicked around for a while. I kept wondering why my search results were showing when I hadn't even hit Enter yet (I look at the keyboard when I type, yeah i know......)

Disabled it immediately
It's really annoying to have all that motion on the screen as you type. It's like being on a site that's plastered with blinking banners.
It will probably make it easier to scrape more information from Google while not getting flagged as you are expected to send way more queries anyway.
sucks knowing people wont like it but to lazy to look over to the side and click off
I have two comments about Google Instant:

1. How many people actually search from the main window? If they use the search window in Firefox, Google Toolbar, or the address field in Chrome, Instant doesn't work for now. So a large segment of the population will never see Instant.

2. Instant has implications for long tail keyword searching done on the main window. Because it is filling in data with a combination of the Wonder Wheel, Localization, and now personalization, the user has some incentive to stop typing and go after the Wonder Wheel term, for example. I tend to build sites around the Wonder Wheel already, but if you have gone into deep, non-Wonder Wheel long-tail keyword optimization, your traffic will be cut to the extent that Instant provides a sufficient result. And this would again only be true for those searches uttered from the main window, because the other search windows are currently not affected.

It's not the end of the world for sure, but it will affect some adversely.
yea yea , it's ok , im not a big fan of google at the moment , they keep saying " we'r sorry " everytime i search for something
One other thing that is kind of interesting about Instant is to go to the main window and type in one letter like 'a' (without the quotes and without hitting Enter). Notice how Google Instant shows Amazon, Aol, Apple, and AT&T for the letter 'a'. All good for them. Type in other letters and see what happens.

A fun test of your SEO prowess is to see if you show up #1 for a single letter of the alphabet in Google Instant. If so, I bow down before you, prostrate in my unworthiness. But I will say that we have sites that show up for three letter combos in Instant, with personalization, localization and login turned off. I think this is kind of impressive, because there are only thousands of those 3 letter combos that have any meaning or that are pronounceable in English. For example, there are only about 1,000 three letter words that are acceptable in competition Scrabble. I will be making more effort to optimize my three letter keywords. I think Instant will bring in more traffic than before for these.
T minus 10 days before the first 'instant scraper' hits the streets?
or is one already out...?
now the question is - "how has your traffic been since this update?has it dropped?" i noticed no changes so far.
instant is annoying, I hate how it jumps page to page. Seems like they're cranking out all of these "features" to please stockholders.

Personally I don't like how every letter of the alphabet is a major corporation, not good for the little guy.
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I dont get all that hype with Instant, it's not really useful and it's annoying in the long term, What was wrong with the old method? It was already fast enough, I think it's all because of that Twitter/Facebook real time crap, but while indexing twitter and including live tweets in search results is a great idea, the Google Instant is not.
Why would it kill long tails? if anything, I'm more encouraged to refine and make my search queries longer.

My guess is that people will have clicked on a sufficiently close enough result long before they are even close to having typed a long tail keyword.

This is especially true for affiliates promoting long tail brand products.
Fourth quarter is approaching.. sharholders need to see something in response to current threats. This shiny new thing should do the trick until we actually know what to do. :)
T minus 10 days before the first 'instant scraper' hits the streets?
or is one already out...?

There's already one out ;)
Google Instant predictions will become another advertising platform and a new revenue stream as they evolve the system to a pay for play model. Their search changes are always self-serving.
Google is known for doing things that will benifit them only. I have seen it with their slow takeover of various markets. Soon they will own even apple.
In my honest opinion this is what Google Instant will bring to all of us,

1) Top 5 in SERPs will absolutely lose it's value, while I type and see new results I would ONLY click on the first result, consolidating search share.

2) Copy in Description will have way less impact on CTR, why read if I could just add another word to my query and get more refined results?

3) Long tail will be the new Head, better start preparing your segments in Google Analytics in order to delve deeper into the new trends that users will adopt as their behavior changes, a great post for that is

3) Some keywords and niches will be completely annihilated. an example, Google 'God' and you will see how no God related SERPs appear until you click enter. this will completely change the panorama.

my .02
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