Google fluctuations june24/25

Rankings for my brand sites (Big sites with over 1200 quality ref domains / manual guest posts / sponsorship links/) went up.

Rankings for my affiliate sites (smaller website with 30 - 120 ref domains) are really fluctuating.
Rankings are steady for me, exept for one thing, I lost the featured snippets for my whole website (many diff kw's from diff pages).
Note: I didn't update the website for couple of weeks, so it wasn't me
Across our analytics network (xx,xxx sites strong) we're seeing what appears to be more of a penguin + panda refresh as both "thin/low" quality content as well as "lower quality" link profiles seem to be getting hit the hardest.
Yep I can confirm that there's been a bit of a hit on my site. Two pages in particular with excellent content on them has been hit hard effectively halving my traffic for these pages. The links I've got pointing to these pages aren't particularly low quality (the opposite actually) so I'm a bit pissed off about it. Although it could spring back.

The weird thing is that it's on that the pages have been hit. For, the rankings have increased! Although since it's affiliate products for the USA, it's as useful as a chocolate fireguard.
Noticed these changes as well, keyword got knocked from page 1 to page 3. This site has no real pbn links or spammy links, so not sure why the hit has occurred. Although I did try that Google entity stacking method, not sure if that has caused the ranking drops
Maybe its worth read this article:

It makes sense, my site was ranking around 5-10 for many keywords and I lost around 60% of my traffic
I saw a decent increase and then a drop back a bit but overall better than pre 24th for a bunch of keywords.

sites include = amazon affiliate and local information
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