Google Dance And your SEO practice

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    Jul 12, 2011
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    recently i have stated a site 2 week back. with low compititve keywords
    buy pinterest followers
    buy pinterest repins
    buy pinterest likes

    i did everything accordingly as advised by experts here,

    1st week :- on site optimization

    2nd week :-
    1. huge social bookmarking
    2. profile links with tire 1 and tire 2
    3. few blog post (each posts are original non sapined)
    4. 1000+ wiki backlinks
    5. few edu backlinks
    i'm doing everything daily to look everything natural.

    i checked rank with all tolls including rank tracker, and other online tools, my rank till today is

    keyword 1 "buy pinterest followers"
    yahoo 4
    bing 5
    google (dancing) 3-22

    keyword 2 "buy pinterest repins"
    yahoo 1
    bing 1
    google (dancing ) 6-12

    keyword 3 " buy pinterest likes"
    yahoo 1
    bing 1
    google (dancing) 3-11

    can anyone advise me what should be my next step to get beeter rank for these keyword, while this dance,

    Please advise.