Google App Engine and PHP -> Free Hosting!

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    I didn't see this mentioned here before, but I found this very useful and interesting year or some ago. Since Google doesn't support PHP natively on App Engine, there is a company called Caucho that created libraries to run PHP on JVM. It was a lot of hassle to get it running, took couple of weeks to find out how system works, but eventually I made it and now I'm building hybrid apps, that run both on Apache PHP and Google App Engine.

    Anyone intrested should look up this site php-apps dot appspot dot com to get easy installation guide and downloadable package, so you dont need to collect pieces all around the web.

    There are lacks on the system thou. Google App Engine has a lot of limitation that takes too much space to mention here, so you would need to read their site and apply. But to mention some advantages, they are huge in my opinion:

    1) Free hosting on scalable clouds. Small to medium scale sites run well without any cost up to 2000 visitors per day. I've stress tested, lol
    2) Google Apps APi's, dozens of them right on your finger tips.
    3) What you can't do with PHP, you can do with Java. Just call Java classes with PHP and vice versa.

    I've seen very popular PHP apps like Wordpress and Joomla ported to PHPGAE.

    You can deploy 10 apps to one Google Account. Currently I'm doing website directory app with user submissions and automatic link checking. Hope this is some help for PHP coders interested of GAE and free hosting options.
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    Google app engine is a great resource, I use it for part of my web applications.
    Recently they have changed their pricing so to keep the apps in the free quota zone, you need to tweak it a little bit.

    I recommend it, it's definitely worth a try; you can put up some snappy sites ad free without paying a penny.