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    Hey Guys,

    I am trying to make a system that will ping GA via a proxy server, and also Alexa, to try to increase some rankings for a site.

    Just a few questions:

    1) Does anyone have any success increasing google rankings without links back to said site? I have heard Google checks analytics to assist their main PageRank algorithm, is this the case or am I wasting my time?

    2) If so, does google only count the ping when the analytic 0x0 gif is hit, or does it require downloading the ga.js each time, registering _utm* cookies, then hitting?

    3) Same as above for Alexa

    Now part 2, as for proxies I found a few great sources for HTTP and Socks proxies (that shall remain nameless for now). I also am a web coder and good at db/cli stuff, so I dump my proxy sources into a database and wrote a small node.js app to proxy firefox through a proxy until it called a certain URL, then switched proxies and repeat. This is great with iMacros for doing hits, but fails miserably on HTTPS requests, and also does not allow me to empty firefox cookies. Is there an app that can download a csv off the net (which I can provide location to), then rotate proxies with use with iMacros ala IPRental? Does anyone have any expirience doing all of the above with, say, node.js and jsdom? Am I completely misinformed on how all this works and wasting my time?

    If someone has a better service to offer, or is interested in helping me develop this solution better for perhaps free access to my proxy rotator, PM me, otherwise general comments are welcome in this thread.

    Thanks all,

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    Google checks analytics to see time on page and bounce rates to see whether people stay on your site or not i have heard around the traps so if that is the case you would be doing yourself a dis-service by doing this. The main aim of the game with SEO is to keep building backlinks and without them, you are scrwed, unless you have super duper, really kick ass on page seo and even then, i still think you would have a hard time ranking depending on the keywords you're going for...