Google ads and Clickbank

You need better keywords. Generate couple hundred with SEMrush and test long-tail ones. The cost of the kw does not matter much, if it is high buyer intent keyword you can make a sale every few clicks.
hello, the CPC for Google Ads in affiliate networks like clickbank seems to be very high. CPC seems to be around 3-4 Dollars. Is there any way to lower this? How do you make profit
I think the content is engaging and the products have high commissions of $50 or more
this is obvious with whitehat ads. If you want to maximize, find a way around bh ads for clickbank on Google ads
If my website is working without cloaking why should I try bh? Can cloaking lower cpc? or do you mean threshold acc?
I meant everything and nothing at the same time. Good Luck ;)
Try to target your relevant keywords, strengthening quality score, make sure your landing pages are highly developed,higher quality score makes lower CPC.
Search for better keywords with high volume and low competition. Try to score 80 & above on google ads optimization score. Furthermore, add cap on your bidding price.
First, gotta target smarter. Skip the broad stuff like "weight loss" and go niche. Think "best protein powder for women over 40" - less competition, cheaper clicks. Plus, block irrelevant searches with negative keywords, like "free" or "comparison". You want buyers, not window shoppers.

Next, gotta optimize your campaign. Google loves relevant ads, so make sure your keywords, landing page, and ad copy are on point. High Quality Score = lower CPCs, boom! Add sitelinks or callouts in your ads, makes em stand out and (maybe) get more clicks for less. Experiment with lowering bids on slow days/times, but be strategic about it.
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