Good website,good niche,audience though?

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    Hi there,I think I can say that I've been around here for long,almost an year now and have learnt quite alot.That's the best part about BHW,you learn alot and most of it goes into the subconscious. I've posted methods here before which worked for me and for some others too. Since then I haven't really been active around here owing to my busy college life. After really long,I've had the motivation and time to start IM all over again. Previously I've done the relatively easier stuff (PPI,PPD) and have had some success there to. However am writing this to put my biggest problem infront of you guys and to have some feedback/suggestions to help me with it. I don't ask to be spoon-fed,just some guidance from someone experienced. :)
    That said,let me tell you guys a little about me. This might be a long read so please bear with me.

    Firstly,am motivated.Quite so.I have decided to act and work harder than never before. As my Christmas vacations started approaching,I decided that I was gonna do something worthwhile. I love programming. 've always been good at C,C++ since my high school years and I've always felt the need to learn more programming languages to build something of my own. And I acted on this feeling and started teaching myself HTML & CSS. And I started learning real quick.Then the idea of making a few apps hit as I really had good app ideas.So I did some more research and tried to combine what I learnt into something of my own.I ended up making my own app for the Windows Phones and the idea behind it is quite good(so I've been told by many people), but I haven't yet put it on the Store having changed my direction once again. I've decided to get into something long term like my own website.I've found a very good niche,it's demanding and might take a little more work but I'm willing to do it. So I decided to put this plan of mine into action and the first day,I bought a domain and then Wordpress hosting. I called up a friend of mine and he said he'd help me with it particularly cuz he himself had this similar plan. So I built a WordPress website and started posting some content on it. I then shared about my website on Facebook and got positive responses. I decided this was it and then applied for Google Adsense(who wants a website and not some cash along with right?). Waited patiently for Google to do it's work and in the meanwhile I applied to third party CPM/popup networks while also posting some more content so that I'd get approved this time. I've tried alot in the past to get Adsense approved but haven't by the way!

    Things started falling in place when my website started to look good with the content going on it and with instant approvals of my website on those CPM/popup networks. At the time of writing this,I just got a mail confirming full approval of Adsense but I don't want to rejoice yet.I know I have a lot more work cut out for me.So after much work (4-5 days of staying up till 4am researching and posting) I finally have a website that's ready for some good audience. I have a large number of sources for my website's content and I'm determined to keep trying to make my website look better.I have a good website I feel that's got some Adsense ads on and some CPM ads on it.And all I need is some audience for it.This is where I'm finding it really hard to find some solid ground. I've tried to go through threads on BHW again for some help but most of them are about building backlinks through Blog posts or some paid software. I can't pay for anything right now..For the first time things are finally falling in place for me and I don't wanna stop learning and creating just because of a lack of audience. I really feel this website of mine can go ahead to be something,I'm only missing a pair of eyes visiting.

    Is there someone around who's experienced and willing to guide me a little around this? I am a fast learner and am very sure I can keep up. Your guidance will be very much appreciated and I am willing to offer something in return too. Thanks in advance! :)