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    Basically what it does is it adds dots to your gmail address to produce multiple variations of your gmail email address.

    For example, if your gmail address is [email protected], the script will generate every variation of your gmail by adding dots.

    [email protected] will produce:

    etc.., you get the point.

    Whenever you email to or or, you will receive it on your main gmail account, which is [email protected].

    This is very useful when you want to register to multiple web 2.0 accounts but access all of those emails to only 1 gmail account.(works w/ POP too!)

    For example you register at Twitter with the email address, and another account with, you will receive both confirmation links of those 2 accounts when you login at gmail using your main account, [email protected].

    To determine the total number of possible vartions of your gmail accounts: 2 ^ (number of characters - 1)

    so for [email protected] (3 letters):

    2 ^ (3-1) = 4

    and for [email protected] (12 characters):

    2 ^ (12-1) = 2,048

    and for (13 characters):

    2 ^ (13-1) = 4,096

    and for [email protected] (30 characters max):(ps: my script doesnt allow that much yet, haha)

    2 ^ (30-1) = 536,870,912

    Try it for yourself!

    PS: Script can only handle 15 characters max(thats 16384 emails) at the moment.
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    It`s nice really:)

    But i have downloaded here in BHW a soft for this.
    It dose the same thing, and extract everything in a txt file.
    But don`t remember the tread:(
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    I say you use google apps for a domain name you own and set it up to do a catchall...that way [email protected] goes right into your main/catchall inbox if you don't already have an account set up for that name.
    EG, you have accounts bob, joe, and fred, and catchall all
    messages to [email protected], [email protected], and [email protected] all go to their respected recipients...
    ...but mail to [email protected], [email protected]2... all are routed into [email protected].

    Google apps is easy to set up and is free, let me know if you need more info. - 30 day premier trial, reverts to the free standard version unless they have changed something.