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    I have a client who has some negative search results from Glass Door appearing on Google. I know there is no way to remove this content but and the best approach would be to create more positive content and have it rank higher than the glass door postings.

    Does anyone have any experience with suppressing negative search results, or a good place to start?

    Budget is $1,000 CAD"
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    I have very limited knowledge here but you can read a bit in this section and find a lot of good info. You have the basic Idea. You can start by making sure he has a facebook, yelp, bbb, etc and see if any of those make it high in the rankings when they get indexed. The idea is to push stuff up in front of it so if you can create some web accounts that can get close to the glass door ratings then it it will fall further and further away. It is worth noting that if there was other content about your client that was positive/neutral that was close to the glass door reviews you can pump them with some links to get them over the bad reviews.

    Hope this was helpful and goodluck.

    Edit- You can also publish an ebook for him about the business and promote that and your amazon author account like crazy. Check this section for post by Bhopkins, very informative.
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    Suppression is definitely the way to go. Glassdoor hasn't posed much of a problem for me in the past. I have suppressed it a few times along with other sites and it typically moves pretty quickly, especially compared to the other negatives that usually accompany it. A company with multiple negative Glassdoor reviews usually has other issues as well.