[Givaway] FREE EMD keywords for 20 users


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Jul 6, 2011
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So i am in the mood now. So why not? :)

I will give keyword with at least one EMD (.com, .net, .org) available.
1000+ US exact searches
$1+ CPC
easy competition

I want to give a chance also to the newcomers, so here are the rules:
- at least 10 posts
- at least 10 rep
First come first serve.

20 users will get their keyword, or maybe more, depends on how much time i will have.
You may try to ask for a specific niche and i MAY give you a keyword in that niche.

I will do the work/search probably tomorrow as i have full day today.
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What if i dont have much rep is there anything else i can do
EDIT: i never saw my rep haha i thought i only had 5
I am interested. The niche: weight lose, BUT you can send me what you want.
Thanks so much! Would love to have a keyword in the IM niche, but any will do.
Hi I am interested too. Health or home related if have :) thks
Thanks for the giveaway, can i get any keyword from health niche?
Yes please, count me in :) IM/SEO niche
Count me in, if its still available...
hope I am not too late :) - anything product based would be perfect :D thanks
I'll take one please.

Any niche you like, I like surprises! :)

Thanks OP very kind.
Count Me In. If you have anything which I can use to promote clickbank product(s), I would be happy, adsense KW is ok too.

I promise that if I dont use the KW I give it away for free!
hook me up! i wanna see how fast i can rank it with my latest link strategy
I want / need one with low competition :)

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