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    Do you know how many of your blasted pure-spam links really stick? Only a fraction of the backlinks reported in success.txt / as succesful are a week later existent. Out of 1000 spam links, it seems that we get sometimes only hand-countable backlinks, but nobody knows for sure. How effective are XRumer blasts and pure spam campaigns?

    I am currently running an experiment comparing the different targets (blog, guestbooks, forums) in terms of stickyness of pure spam links as mostly delivered by XRumer blast services. I am using the search engine and indexer nutch and can crawl up to 1M pages per day.
    If you want to support my experiment/us all in BHW and to know, how many links you really have, send me your success*.txt and and one unique identifier (e.g. nickname if static, the backlink to your site or a --> unique phrase <--... something which is existent in every post).

    * Please ensure, that the blast is a minimum of 1 week old.
    * Please tell me the number of links the service claimed to blast out.
    * Please deliver success*.txt.
    -> not just a list of domains, I cannot crawl every page of e.g. 1M domains. I need the url where the unique identifier is supposed to have posted.
    -> only spam projects which is the usual way with XR blast services. I am not interested in Q/A-campaings or anti-spam engine projects.

    -> After each finished crawl, I will publish here the results.

    Please don't post here "spam does not work anymore", "blasts are useless", etc. This is actually, what I want to find out and make public for BHW.
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    nice because some of the stuff be crap