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    Essential Copy

    Dear fellow marketer,

    Do all your sales letters get the results you?re really after?
    Are they bringing in the amount of sales you?d like?
    Even if your sales piece is doing well, wouldn?t you like to increase your results by up to 5 times?

    Many of my clients did just that, using what I?m about to show you. Some increased their profits by 200%-300% overnight, just by making small changes to their web copy.

    ? Within the first week we worked on my web promotion, it went from a 0.97% to a staggering 4.96% converting rate. I now have over 4000 local leads... ?
    Allen Eggen ? Electronics Retailer
    Vestfold, Norway

    Some Background And a Universal Problem
    As a marketer and copywriter I've enjoyed a healthy stream of profits from every copy I wrote for me and my clients. And I?m proud with the fact that many marketers have used my services to develop effective campaigns for their own lucrative businesses.

    Through my work with other online marketing professionals, I've come to recognize a serious problem common to so many businesses:

    Most marketing campaigns don?t work anywhere
    near as well as many marketers would like to.

    In fact most online marketers struggle just to break even between every product they sell and promotional costs, like advertising space and arrogant copywriters that don?t deliver their money?s worth.
    A False Belief thats Costing You Real Money
    Whenever I talk with marketers that barely make ends meet, they?re always confused by why their sales are going down.

    Actually, most have no idea whatsoever. Somehow, that really makes sense when you consider the dangerous concepts we've been sold throughout every school, class and course, and all during your professional life.

    Every college, association and community teaches you that practical competence and knowledge are everything. And the true riches go to those professionals with the best skills, services and products.
    But let me ask you: is this how it really works in the real world where you compete for business every day?

    Of course not, we both know that. If this was the case, you?d already be as successful as you've dreamed.

    But, how come my clients manage to get such remarkable results every time? And how can you start getting similar or even better results with your web marketing campaigns?

    The answer is right in front of you. If you want to maximize your sales and profits, all you have to do is this:

    Write powerful, high converting copy.
    I know you get frustrated every time you pour your heart and soul into a product that you know will sell like crazy, but once you go live nothing happens.

    Look, I don?t care how much you spend on advertising, how high you rank in Google, what themes or plugins you use and how valuable your product or service is. Unless you have a powerful and compelling sales piece, all your efforts go down the drain right from the get go.

    If your web copy can?t turn traffic into paying costumers at a good rate, you?re wasting your time. If you can?t retain your prospect?s undivided attention and motivate him to take action immediately...

    You're leaving large amounts of money on the table.

    I know that experience has thought you this is absolutely true. You probably had days when traffic was coming in like never before ? but still, no sales.

    I've heard this before many times, because most of my clients have gone through this.
    STOP Disappointment And Enjoy a High Rate of Sales and Profits
    Would you like to put an end to disappointing results? ...and start writing copy that makes products vanish and your services sold out from the first day you go live ...if you?d like to get amazing results and maximize your profits with every copy you ever write

    ... I've got great news for you!

    I've just created a new course that will show you, step-by-step, everything you need to start writing powerful, effective and compelling copy that sells big time, again and again!

    It?s called Essential Copy, and it truly is, essential for every copywriter and online marketer.

    After my first business got ran into the ground by a so called ?marketing expert? I took things into my own hands and developed a real formula that can actually sell your products like no other.

    Before I even considered writing a course, I've studied, researched, tested and tweaked this method many times ...until it could be put into practice with any product or service, getting exceptional results each and every time. After everything was working great ...I've tested some more. Now, I know for sure this works and have no doubt whatsoever.
    Tested, Proven Formula Not Some Textbook Theoretical Nonsense
    This step-by-step formula is the most profitable method I've ever seen and used. This formula can create promotions that convert up to 5%-7% in the shortest period of time possible. That?s more than a 1000% increase in sales from the industry?s average.

    In a few minutes I?m going to show you the exact details on how this formula shoot sales through the roof for me and my clients.
    I could tell you about the great results this formula brought me, all day long. But first I?m going to let some of my clients tell you in their own words how well this formula has worked for them.

    And so on so on so forth and blah, blah, blah .....

    ..... popzzz ~ BlackHatWorld.com

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    Sales Page:
    ..... popzzz ~ BlackHatWorld.com

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    Enjoy ....:cool2:
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