1. br1go

    [HIRING] Experienced copywriter for a CBD Blog

    We need to write a SEO article for our blog (CBD and Wellness products). Around 1600 words. Outline is to be provided (basic writing requirements, headings, keywords list, keywords density, TF-IDF). You need you to write a high quality engaging content, implement all of the keywords (around...
  2. fxkool

    Looking for unpublished articles in nutra/health/fitness niche

    Hi, I am looking to buy top-notch (preferably english native) unpublished articles in health niche from someone who might be having such in stock. Preferable word count - 3,000 words each. Should be focusing on topics rather than keywords. Could be 1-3 years old. Thanks, P.S. My budget...
  3. H

    Hriring NSFW copywriter for Reddit and twitter

    Copywriter Needed: Expertise in NSFW Content writing for Reddit & Twitter We are actively seeking a seasoned NSFW copywriter with a flair for crafting compelling captions tailored for platforms such as Reddit, Twitter, and Onlyfans. Role Overview: Oversee content management for Reddit and...
  4. Seopreneur01

    Need Content+Design for BHW Sales Thread

    Hi, I'm looking for a sales thread designer as well as a copywriter (who understands SEO) for my upcoming BST. I have gone through the marketplace for design service but all I could find was very flashy and cartoonish designs. I'm looking for something professional-looking. Please respond if...
  5. K

    Content Marketing Tip That Always Brings In Loyal Customers

    Over the years copywriters have been using a strategy that is still working today. This strategy makes your customer the hero of the story. Make the sale page about them, and paint a picture of their heroism in solving that problem with your product. Don't make the hero of the story you or your...
  6. ActiveMember

    Hello BHW Family

    As a Digital Marketer and Content Writer, I believe this forum is a valuable opportunity to keep myself updated about the latest SEO techniques. I'm learning a lot from the community here and it's helping me to turn that knowledge into content (which is great as an inspiration). I appreciate the...
  7. Local SEO

    Looking for Long Term Writers

    I'm looking for serious writer who can work closely with me to provide consistent quality articles. What you'll get from me. 1. Detailed Content Brief. Including research about the article and all information you'd need to be added 2. 1-o-1 help to write articles. 3. Consistent writing work -...
  8. J

    What Is The Best Way For A Newbie To Make $20-$30 Daily From Copywriting/Writing Content

    I have been into internet marketing for months but have yet to make significant money. I try using freelance sites for article writing and copywriting gigs but not winning bids. I've also contacted some websites to write their website copy, but they have yet to respond. I will typically write...
  9. korosho

    [WTH] CopyWriter for Guide section related Crypto/DeFi content.

    Everything is on title. But you have to send me sample of your work AND YOU NEED TO MASTER "CONTENT PILLAR" or i won't consider you at all. Don't waste my time please. READ ABOVE... Please comment below avoid PM'ing at all cost
  10. ContentExpert

    ContentExpert's Writing Service - Astound Readers and Search Engines with Next-Level Content that Ranks and Converts

    ContentExpert's Writing Service - Astonish Readers and Search Engines As the only writer you will ever need, your search for one is over indeed. Content you will love from a writer you can trust, all in one service that is fast and robust. No plot twists or headaches, just a timely and...
  11. Junaid-Link-Builder

    When do you think AI will replace human Copywriters?

    2 Years From Now???
  12. O

    Free copywriting

    Hit me up I’ll do free copywriting in return for one link to my website in the text
  13. Indeusea

    Looking for Email copywriter

    Hi yall! I'm Indeusea, the part-time Instagram growth agency owner and full-time hustler. Today I'm looking for an email copywriter. We already have 4-5 emails which we are sending for our marketing campaign but we need more, better emails. What/Who we are looking for: - Out of box thinker...
  14. DXA

    Hello I´m Patrik and I want to find clients for my copywriting agency!

    Hey guys, I need your help. I have a copywriting agency in the StartUp segment and I believe we achieve the highest quality compared to our competitors but I don´t know how to spread the word since I don´t want it to be a massively spread campaign. I´ve been working as a freelancer for over 6...
  15. DomantasDigital

    [Want To Hire] - Looking for content creator who has experience with writing for Amazon Affiliate sites. Hiring for full-time job.

    Hello. If you're the one who is willing to grow together (with me) and sooner or later become my business partner - you've came to the right thread. I'm looking for someone who can write DECENT articles for Amazon Affiliate sites. First - I want to hire you for full-time: 8 hours a day and 5...
  16. Organic Visit

    Need Sales Thread Copywriter and Designer

    Hi All, Hope all is well and stay safe. I need suggestions for any good sales thread copywriter and designer here at BHW. If you are one of them, please kindly PM me or reply on this thread, would consider to best offer. Any help would be highly appreciated. Thank you in advance. Warm...
  17. S

    I need a good copywriter for a LEGAL IN CANADA cannabis & shrooms blog

    So basically, I need a writer who: Writes damn good texts in English; Knows a lot about weed, shrooms, this community, and so on. I need someone who loves both psychoactive stuff AND writing, to combine it all. Articles are 1-2k words in volume. The list of possible topics includes...
  18. Julzwriter

    HireWebContentWriter.Com - Content Writer for Tier 1 Site |Copywriter |Long Term | Reliable |High Quality| Bulk Orders|1...

    Hire a reliable, long term, experienced, high quality, English content writer for your tier 1 site! Click here to place your order now! Do you need content for your website but you have no time to write it on your own? Are you tired of constantly hiring freelance writers who don’t meet...
  19. dwallaci

    Facebook Ads Approval Issues - HEELP

    Hello everyone, everything good? I need guidance from the creative experts on facebook ads... I'm running a product, slimming niche... But I'm having creative problems to run. Constantly taking blockage... I would need some tips on how to approve my ads... unfortunately my earnings are...
  20. dwallaci

    My Journey in PLR - Niche Black

    Hey guys, my name is David, I want to introduce myself and enjoy documenting my journey in the internet world. I already broke 5x investing money in courses, facebook ads, dropshipping and affiliation in other courses, adding the financial loss I had in that time, it was more than R$25,000.00...
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