[GET] AddMeFast Facebook Likes iMacros Script - Never stops!

For those who are having their FB accounts blocked..never use a new account for like exchange. That's a pretty bad idea and you will be blocked after 300-400 likes. Use an aged account and fb will never do anything to you. I use a fake account that I opened a year ago and nothing has happened to me yet. I just like all the pages then use a mass unlike macro to unlike 70-80% of the likes and then repeat the whole process..
Is this still working for anyone? I seem to get logged out of addmefast after a couple of runs, and no points are added to my account..
I've ran this script using a couple NEW fb accounts over the last week w/ no issues. I've been limiting the likes to 100/day per acct, making sure the account is fully filled out w/ pics, friends, work place, highschool, and thus far all is good. Just don't over do it and you should be fine. Thanks to OP
I hate all those unlikers on 'addmefast'. Now I become one of them myself though. (so yeah I hate myself too).

Anyway, I found a bot just like this one on a YouTube video some week ago. Might be exactly the same or just slight different. With that I got scripts for YouTube likes and YouTube subs.

However, I wonder if there is any "Facebook post like" script? Because wont that ones be the best? They probably are quick and you can like as many posts as possible?
And doesn't loads of people also submit posts to like? atleast I use to do it.
Thanks works perfect!! I have a question, do you have to be careful with this type of system? Or you can get a lot of fans and followers without problems?
Wow! This is great. Some problems in Firefox though, but I guess it is more realted to iMacros than the bot.
Cool, it is running for me, but I don't know if it is doing anything with my fbp I never put its details in.
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