Generating Dating Leads but need a better email delivery method?

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    If you are generating leads in dating but have issues with email delivery or do not deliver past an initial reply or offer, this thread is for you.

    If you ask users to reply to hotmail, gmail, etc we can help you send all of your traffic directly from there and save the data to send through further offers. If you send your initial data but collect the emails, we can take the addresses and instert them into our mailing software. DO NOT only send your users to an initial reply or offer. We will insert your leads into our proprietary mail system to send your traffic through a 14 day rotation of dating offers thru some of the top dating networks...and we can guarantee inbox delivery in this 14 day rotation.

    All revenue is generated on a PPS basis, we split all revenue 50/50. We do 100% of your data management for you. No fees ever. Nothing, we simply split the PPS revenue earned off of your traffic. Test us out, seed, monitor everything. In most cases we will be able to more than double your income even with the 50/50 split due to the consistent, daily mailing, building of your list over time and mailing through 14 offers, rather than just 1 which is what most affiliates do.

    Have any questions?? ...reach out to me on skype: moneylovers.jeff
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