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Geekstorage Web Hosting Review Stay away

Discussion in 'Web Hosting' started by huntytigger, Mar 11, 2017.

  1. huntytigger

    huntytigger Junior Member

    Dec 6, 2012
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    Story part
    I have been their customer since 10 months and left their service last month before finishing yearly paid service.
    Their Pro packet has good spects. like 2GB memory super fast 20GB Hdd which is not very cheap around 60$ yearly.
    If you ask why i didn't leave at the beginning because i left seo business for studying 6 months. I left there 2 empty wordpress installs. When i came back both are hacked and deleted by web Host, which was strange because wordpress installs were without plugins default installs. Whatever hack happens and contacted webhosting to reactivate my service so i can start from begining.
    I have installed 1 wordpress with standart plugins and woocommerce and some plugins for woocommerce. Site was working really slow compared to my other hostings but i didn't care, i wanted to develop my website and archive some successes. Also thought my location is Europe and webhosting Location was USA so i had long distance ping problems etc.
    After some time i saw site going slower and slower. So decided to install a second Wordpress to see results. Installed some plugins, new theme and content without woocommerce to check a normal loaded wordpress stats.
    Test results: First Byte 9 seconds (which is a server issue) Loading 14 seconds. UsA Host UsA Test location
    Contacted to Support and their magic word was "You are limited because of using high resources"
    I checked my stats from Cpanel although i just installed 2. wordpress that day i had lower recources usage before but even after installing 2. wordpress my recourse using was close to none .
    Sent them SS that you can check your self:
    Raw stats for 1 month untill Test date 07.March
    under 30% memory usage and mostly 0 daily faults. No traffic website!
    I checked my other hosting with wordpress no woocommerce install with 100 daily visitors has same usage stats.
    This time support told 2. Magic word " Turn off plugins use better codded wordpress install, you have content problem not server side"
    My main 1. website was very well codded, optimized for the better speed with all needed codes and plugins, optimized images. Even through i had product images on my homepage site was well optimized that all loading was 1.5 mb. I am not saying this is a light website and there are javascripts but this is wordpress woocommerce site!
    And what about the other websites under same hosting Ip with 27-25-26 seconds loading time?
    I told even empty wordpress install getting same bad results under your hosting.
    Supports magic words finished or i was talking with a automated answering machine i don't know but support not answered my question since that day. My ticket unanswered still hanging there.
    I have purchased new hosting and Cloned my 2. test wordpress install there without changing any comma, word,dot .Site was not optimized but still you can see the huge difference. Al thought new host was 35$ yearly very cheap not very bad hosting . This 2. Site is humble and not optimized for testing.
    You can compare
    As someone else also reviewed and explained the problem . I would like to share here: "Geek Storage has their shared hosting to only allow a small percentage of processes to run before using up all the server had. Geek Storage Shared hosting accounts are set up to allow very few processes running before throwing a 500 server error."

    This is my personal experience and review , i would not recommend anyone with wordpress and woocommerce geekstorage.com hosting.
  2. CenTex Hosting

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    Nov 8, 2009
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    Austin, TX
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    I have to say this is one of the better reviews that I have seen. Great work on sharing your experience and putting up the info to back it.
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