G00gle Penalty Recovery (Aftermath)

Broken sorrow

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Jul 9, 2018
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hello Bhaters , hope you're banking hard :)

long story short , my website was rank 1 for almost 4 months before it got hit with a G-penalty last april , and got deindexed .

the penalty didn't last long , in fact it got lifted last septembre

the thing is , even tho my i am back on the Serp , my traffic didn't recover . i used to get 4k UV now it's down to like -300 a day .


funny thing , the site survived this last bret update , many competitors went down and my site stood its ground .

i have other projects a side which are my main source of income for now , but i just can't seem to give up on this one yet , since it was my FIRST ( no one can forget their first right ? )

also i still get some bucks from it xD although it's nothing stable


i read a lot about this , many articles say traffic will never be the same . i wonder if anyone here faced something similar to this ? of course i'm not asking for any kind of spoon feed .. but your opinions and questions are welcome .
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