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    Jun 2, 2011
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    I?m looking for a Google Places pro to become a partner in my business, I have been in the moving business for over 16 years and I can make a lot of money for us but I need someone to get listings up on the 1st page of Google places nationwide.
    I expect to book about 35 jobs per listing; the average booked job is $850.00 and we would get 17% of that as a booking agent. I will give your company 5% before expenses from all the booked jobs we get from Google places, about $1500.00 per listing per month. (5% before expenses is equal to 50-50 partners after I pay everybody and everything)
    I am looking to get about 20 listings up on Google in the next 12 months. The moving industry has a peak time of 4 months in the summer and we can book even more than 35 jobs per listing (about 50 per listing).
    You will have to get address for the listing.
    I will be responsible for managing the sales office and employs, paying phone lines, paying everybody, websites, selling booked jobs, collecting money, dealing with client?s problems.
    IM me for more info.